A spectacle – poetic, grandiose, frolic and beautiful!

It all began when the winter never turned to spring, in 2014. With no light in sight, filled with the youthful doubts, fears and anxiety about the future, the drummer Anna Lund was searching for a new word in her existence, a positive expression of power that could lead her to happiness and joy, and at the same time provide a message for other confused souls out there. Letters began to gather and create rhythms, daydreams became tones, words matched: Cheering, Miracle, Oracle, Spectacle = HURRAKEL!

Hurrakel, the new positive exclamation word, certainly has a future in the Swedish Academy’s dictionary, and the band Hurrakel, has already begun to make an impact on the Swedish jazz scene. Bandleader and composer Anna Lund has for some years been involved and given shape to the new Swedish sound of jazz with bands like Anna Högberg Attack. By her side she has Nils Berg, saxophonist behind the successes of the bands The Stoner and Nils Berg Chinemascope.The star of Mölndal, John Holmstrom plays the piano, and the magnificent Vilhelm Bromander plays doublebass.

Now debuting with her own material, Anna Lund is allowed enjoys the freedom of choice and brings us songs inspired by daydreams, Swedish dance band, adult people finding new friends, lonely and bullied moons in space, and about the feeling called intuition. Hurrakels debut album might be called indie jazz. Or maybe it is more appropriate to use these key words to describe the music, a spectacle – poetic, grandiose, frolic and beautiful!